Features and Benefits


Super Tensile Steel Belts

15% stronger than high tensile steel’ which results in higher impact strength and puncture resistance.

Proprietary Cut and Chip Resistant Tread Compound

Provides improved wet and dry traction and handling on the highway, while also improving cut and chip resistance in harsher rocky and gravel terrain.

Enhanced Traction on wet and greasy bitumen

Micro-gauge sipes help reduce the potential for stone retention and stone drilling into the tread elements. They also enhance traction on wet and greasy bitumen.

Maximises Grip

The proven Y-block tread pattern and optimised draft angle together maximise (on- and off-road) grip and provides remarkably low noise for a tyre of its class.

Minimising Damage

Self-cleaning shoulder scallops maximise off‑road traction while minimising abrasion and damage to the protruding lugs, giving you a longer-lasting tyre.

Great Off-Road Traction

The enhanced buttress design provides additional off‑road traction, abrasion resistance and a rugged appearance.

Extra Resistance to Cutting and Chipping

Stone ejector ribs and raised-centre-groove varied channels in the shoulder area resist damage by discharging stones which cause stone drilling. Raised centre groove prevents foreign objects from lodging into the tread, giving you extra resistance to cutting and chipping.

Discoverer S/T MAXX Performance Overview

Watch as the Discoverer S/T MAXX is put to the test accross a variety of terrain types.




All Terrain
This tyre features Cooper's proven and reliable 3-ply Armor-Tek 3 carcass construction combined with a new, proprietary cut and chip resistant tread compound. find a store get a quote
Sizes Ply Load
Width (mm)
Diameter (mm)
30X9.5R15LT  104    750 
31X10.5R15LT  109    775 
33X12.5R15LT  108    826 
35X12.5R15LT  113    877 
35X12.5R20LT  121    877 
37X12.5R17LT  124    937 
LT215/85R16  115/112    772 
LT225/75R16  115/112    744 
LT235/80R17  120/117    808 
LT235/85R16  120/116    806 
LT245/70R16  118/115    750 
LT245/70R17  119/116    776 
LT245/75R16  120/116    774 
LT245/75R17  121/118    800 
LT255/75R17  111/108    814 
LT255/80R17  121/118    840 
LT255/85R16  123/120    833 
LT265/60R18  119/116    775 
LT265/65R17  120/117    776 
LT265/70R17  121/118    804 
LT265/75R16  123/120    813 
LT275/65R18  123/120    818 
LT275/65R20  126/123    868 
LT275/70R17  121/118    818 
LT275/70R18  125/122    848 
LT285/65R18  125/122    833 
LT285/65R18  125/122    833 
LT285/70R17  121/118    832 
LT285/75R16  126/123    836 
LT295/70R17  121/118    846 
LT295/70R18  129/126    870 
LT305/55R20  121/118    844 
LT305/60R18  121/118    823 
LT305/65R17  121/118    828 
LT305/70R16  124/121    840 
LT305/70R18  126/123    891 
LT315/70R17  121/118    874 
LT315/75R16  127/124    875 
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