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How do I know my shock absorbers need to be replaced?

  • Shocks-Shocks

The simplest answer to that question is if they’re damaged or worn and your smooth ride just isn’t the same any more then it’s time to head down to Supa Quick and grab yourself a new set of Monroe shock absorbers. Here are some ways to easily check them for corrosion and leakage yourself. 

Step 1

Check the strut mounting. This is where your shock is connected to your car and is usually visible once your bonnet is open. Shove the car, if there is movement or noise coming from the mounting, thats a sign of trouble. 

Step 2

Check the housing of the shock absorber. Is there any excess oil or notable corrosion on the housing of the shock absorber? If so unfortunately that means your shocks are already on their way out. 

Step 3

Check the shock absorber housing, in other words, the outside of the part. Look for any dents, rust, or other damage on the shock absorber. These are good indicators of your shock’s current condition. 

If your vehicle has done more than 80,000km there is a good chance your shocks may not be operating 100% anymore. It is recommended you test your vehicle’s shocks every 20,000km. If you notice any of these concerning signs make sure to get down to your nearest Supa Quick for a speedy evaluation, friendly service and of course a couple of ever-reliable Monroe Shock Absorbers. 

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