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Know Your Brakes

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What's up guys!

In Joburg we have the busiest roads. We have taxis, and cyclists, and pedestrians, and cars. Reaction time and milliseconds are so crucial. Just make sure you are safe on the road and that you are looking out for others, make sure that your brakes are in pristine condition. It's just a case of knowing your car, feeling your pedal, they shouldn't be too soft or spongy, and then obviously hearing for that squeaking or grinding noise.

Getting it fixed or replaced early will definitely save you a lot of money and it will definitely save you on the road in a tricky situation.

What causes the squeaking or grinding noise?

Okay guys, when you hear that squeaking or grinding, that's probably because of this – this is actually what a worn brake pad looks like. Definitely time to have your brakes replaced.

How long can I go before replacing my brakes?

Depending on your driving style, you should be able to get about 30-40,000 km.

An obvious sign is if you hear squeaking or grinding, time to have it checked or replaced, and you want to do that sooner or later because if you carry on driving you'll damage your rotor and that's going to cost you a lot of money. Rather be on the safe side – Get it checked.

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