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Useful articles about your car’s battery, from tips, maintenance, safety, jump starting, DIY, and more.

#SQHowTo – Learn About Your Car Battery
15 Jun 2020 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
Lately, with the recent lockdown and limitations in movement, many of us have been experiencing car battery rundown. If so read about how to jumpstart your car.
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Flat Battery? Jump Start a Car with Jumper Cables
5 May 2020 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
During the lockdown period you may have experienced a flat battery when you wanted to pop out for groceries. A car that stands idle for a lengthy period can result in the battery losing its charge.
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Know Your Car Battery
11 Sep 2019 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
When it comes to car maintenance, most car owners don’t give their hard-working battery a second thought. This component is often taken for granted because it goes about its duty without much bother – until it dies and you’re left stranded.
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Car Battery Tips – Maintenance & Jump Starting
2 Sep 2019 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
Avoid break downs by maintaining your car battery. Roger Harden of Auto-X shares his expertise and provides some tips about battery care and how to use jumper cables.
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6 steps to cleaning a car battery with baking soda and water
25 Apr 2018 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
How to clean a car battery with baking soda starts with safety first. As with anything mechanical or electrical, always make sure the car is completely switched off and cooled down. Then follow our 6 easy steps using this home made battery cleaning solution.
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What is wrong with my car battery?
25 Apr 2018 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
A car’s battery is a vital part of your car – without it, your car will not start. But so many reasons can cause problems with the battery itself. We look at 8 of the main things that can go wrong with it and some tips on how to prolong the battery’s lifespan, saving you money in the end.
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