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Useful articles about your car’s battery, from tips, maintenance, safety, jump starting, DIY, and more.

A variety of car battery types
Choosing the Right Battery for Your Vehicle
28 Jul 2023 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
With the plethora of battery options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to determine the most suitable battery for your specific vehicle. However, making an informed decision in this regard is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your automobile.
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Car Battery
Car Batteries – Your Questions Answered
12 Jun 2023 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
Automotive batteries are relatively simple components of a car. They have a number of functions, for instance: 1) To supply a burst of power to the starter when you turn the key. 2) To supply power to the electrical system when the engine is switched off. 3). Keep the car running long enough in the event that the alternator should fail.
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Car batteries
4 Common Types of Lead-Acid Batteries for Cars
18 Aug 2022 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
New innovations and developments in battery technology have seen an increase in performance and reliability in the classic wet batteries. However, new battery technologies have entered the market to cater for the needs of the present generation of vehicles.
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Supa Quick Supa Power battery
Experience the Power of the All New Supa Power Battery
14 Jul 2022 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
Manufactured under strict quality control conditions, the Supa Power battery is built according to the latest technologies to ensure maximum performance.
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Car battery recycling. Green energy.
5 Good Reasons to Recycle Your Car Battery
29 Jun 2022 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
The world is becoming increasingly powered by electricity and the automotive industry is one of the biggest consumers. An energy-storing device and essential component of your vehicle, batteries come in different forms, such as lead-acid and lithium-ion.
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Car with open bonnet
14 Car Battery Myths You Need to Know
11 Feb 2022 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
Out of the many components that make a vehicle function, the battery is one of the parts that we are familiar with. We know it has positive and negative terminals, starts the car, and makes the radio and lights go on.
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Battery hazard safety & caution signs
Car Battery Hazards You Need to Know
7 Oct 2021 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
Whenever your battery needs checking or replacement, it most likely will take it into your service centre and never have to handle it yourself. However, safety must always be top of mind, and it’s still extremely important to be aware of the dangers so that you know what not to do.
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How To Choose the Right Battery for Your Car – 6 Key Factors to Consider
6 Sep 2021 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
Anyone who owns a car is familiar with the battery component. Unlike some other hidden parts of a car, we know exactly what it looks like and where to find it. We even know that it’s the component that turns on the radio, the air conditioner, the indicators, all the car’s lights, and enables you to start your vehicle.
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#SQHowTo – Learn About Your Car Battery
15 Jun 2020 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
Lately, with the recent lockdown and limitations in movement, many of us have been experiencing car battery rundown. If so read about how to jumpstart your car.
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Flat Battery? Jump Start a Car with Jumper Cables
5 May 2020 - Batteries,Tips/Guides
During the lockdown period you may have experienced a flat battery when you wanted to pop out for groceries. A car that stands idle for a lengthy period can result in the battery losing its charge.
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