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Learn About Your Car’s Tyres & Wheels

Useful articles about your car’s tyres and wheels, from tips, maintenance, safety, alignment, balancing, DIY, and more.

Man in suit examining tyre technology and innovation
Choosing Between Budget, Mid-range, and Premium Tyres
15 Nov 2021 - Tyres,Safety,Tips/Guides,FAQs
With such a wide range of tyre brands, makes, and models to choose from for anyone specific car, it’s understandable if you feel a little overwhelmed. The first question in most peoples’ minds usually has to do with price. “How much does it cost?” The second question then should be: “What type of quality is it?”
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Mechanic about to change a car tyre
Tyre Buying Guide – What You Should Know
26 Oct 2021 - Tyres,Safety,Tips/Guides,FAQs
With such a wide array of tyre brands, sizes, and types on the market that when it comes to replacing worn tyres, choosing the most suitable ones can seem like a chore.
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New Tyres
How Long Do Tyres Last?
16 Sep 2021 - Tyres,Safety,Tips/Guides,FAQs
No one wants to replace tyres more than necessary. Not only is it a big expense but it’s also an inconvenience, especially if you’re a busy person. Choosing a quality brand of tyre with longer tread life saves time and gives you more value for your money.
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Retread for truck tyre
A Guide to Retread Tyres
13 Sep 2021 - Tyres,Tips/Guides
Retread tyres (also known as recaps and remoulds) have had a bad reputation over the years, with stories of vehicles losing control due to treads separating from the body of the tyre. However, is this necessarily the fault of the retreaded tyre itself, or are there other factors involved?
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The Anatomy of a Passenger Tyre – What You’re Paying For in a Nutshell
9 Sep 2021 - Tyres,Tips/Guides,FAQs
Modern tyres are technological marvels. Rubber, both natural and synthetic, is of course by far the most used material, accounting for approximately half a tyre’s weight. But other materials used in the manufacture of tyres include carbon black, silica, oil, sulphur, and steel, to name a few.
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Bridgestone in the News
1 Sep 2021 - Tyres
Every month, we’ll bring you news on various motoring subjects. Whether its tyre technology, innovation, the latest in electric vehicles, or any other new and interesting developments, we’ll keep you in the know.
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Tyre Myths
The Truth About 4 Common Tyre Myths & Misconceptions
23 Aug 2020 - Tyres,Tips/Guides
Tyres – simple-looking yet complex and diverse; one of the most important components of your vehicle, yet the least understood. These are four important common myths and misconceptions that should be dispelled.
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Your Quick Guide to Uneven Tyre Wear
16 Jul 2020 - Tyres,Safety
A vehicle’s tyres have a whole host of important functions that we take for granted. They help to distribute your car’s weight evenly, and assists with acceleration, braking, and cornering.
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How to Check Your Tyre Pressure (DIY)
21 May 2020 - Tyres,Tips/Guides
We've spoken about the importance of maintaining correct tyre pressures at all times, whether for the sake of your safety or to extend the life of your tyres.
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4x4 Tyre FAQs
12 May 2020 - Tyres,FAQs
Your 4x4 tyre questions answered, from how long they should last to pattern mixing and the recommended pattern rotation.
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