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Learn About Your Car’s Tyres & Wheels

How to Change a Tyre in 5 Easy Steps
24 Apr 2020 - Tyres,Tips/Guides
While the country won't be getting ready to enjoy their weekends for some time while we're in lock down, you'll still need to go out for food and essential supplies.
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Tyre Rolling Resistance Explained
30 Mar 2020 - Tyres,Tips/Guides
Tyres are extremely dynamic and interactive components of your car. While driving, they deform and flex according to the surface of the road.
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A Comprehensive Guide to Run-flat Tyres
23 Mar 2020 - Tyres,Tips/Guides
No more feeling stressed when your tyre springs a puncture in the dark, no more wondering who you can call for help, no more looking in the boot only to find your spare tyre is flat too. Getting stranded with a flat tyre is a thing of the past with run-flat tyres.
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Your Guide to Tyre Rotation
16 Mar 2020 - Tyres,Tips/Guides
The term “tyre rotation” can be misleading and somewhat confusing for new drivers, because we all know that as we drive the tyres themselves rotate!
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Your Quick Guide to Nitrogen Tyre Inflation
2 Mar 2020 - Tyres,Tips/Guides
For many years, purified nitrogen (N) has been used in racing cars for tyre inflation. This is because nitrogen is less prone to changes in pressure with temperature fluctuations.
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Tyre Safety: Repair or Replace?
17 Feb 2020 - Tyres,Tips/Guides
Potholes happen. Nails and broken glass happen. Unfortunately there’s little you can do to prevent a damaged tyre besides not driving on the road! But your budget is low this month and you’re wondering if you could just repair that tyre rather than replace it.
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7 Factors that Cause Tyre Punctures
10 Oct 2019 - Tyres,Safety
Although tyre punctures are a fact of life for drivers, many can be avoided through careful driving and parking and can be fixed easily and safely with the correct equipment.
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Wheel Alignment: Your Questions Answered
26 Sep 2019 - Tyres,Tips/Guides
There is more to proper wheel alignment than adjusting the angles of your car’s tyres, it also refers to the adjustment of a car’s suspension.
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The Importance of Wheel Alignment & Balancing for Safe Driving
1 Mar 2019 - Tyres,Safety
Incorrect wheel alignment puts undue pressure on a vehicle, from worn tyres to suspension components, these factors puts driver safety at risk.
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Can Tyre Blowouts Be Prevented?
1 Mar 2019 - Tyres,Safety
Tyre technology is making driving safer with run-flats and new advancements, but there are measures that you can take to avoid a dangerous blowout.
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