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All about safe driving

Useful information about safety on the road, driving safely, how to check your car for safety, and much more.

Confident, smiling woman at the wheel of a car with seat belt on
5 Practices to Avoid Causing A Road Accident
19 Nov 2022 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
21 November is World Remembrance Day for Victims of Road Accidents. Beginner and veteran drivers alike know what the rules of the road are, but we sometimes forget that the rules are there for the safety of ourselves and other road users.
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Back of a black car standing in a dandelion field
3 Most Important Spring Car Maintenance Checks
1 Sep 2022 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
Spring is one of our favourite seasons in South Africa, especially after what feels like a very long winter of chilly mornings.
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Winding road through forest
So You Think You’re a Skilful Driver?
1 Nov 2021 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
Passing a driving test is a major achievement in any person’s life and one to be proud of. When first learning how to drive, you have to begin with learning how to steer a car in a straight line, along with changing gears and using the correct foot pedals.
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How AI & data analysis improves driver safety
News: Vehicle Safety Technology
29 Oct 2021 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
Safety is a top priority for fleets, and artificial intelligence innovation is helping to increase driver safety, reduce risk and drive business profitability within fleets. 
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Spectacles and blurred background
Driving and your Eyes – The Importance of Clear Sight
14 Oct 2021 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
Vision and visibility – The former refers to your ability to see, and the latter refers to the state of which an object can be seen. Two extremely important factors when driving on the road, not only for the act of navigating the streets but an important safety factor.
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Open road at sunset.
Driving is Therapeutic and Good for Mental Health
10 Oct 2021 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
It’s true that sometimes, driving on urban roads in peak traffic can bring on negative thoughts and feelings such as stress, anxiety, frustration, and rage. The pressure we experience on busy roads is because we have so many factors to deal with besides driving.
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Rear side view mirror
Road Safety – Know Your Blind Spots
21 Sep 2021 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
Every time you get behind the wheel, from the minute you start your car, you’re almost expected to have eyes at the back of your head. The mere fact a that a vehicle is moving puts it and everything around it in the midst of a potential hazard.
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Vehicle Safety - a Supa Check Away
1 Aug 2019 - Drive Safe,Safety
Remain safe and save money this winter by being pro-active and going for a Supa Check. It’s free and takes under 10 minutes to complete. Frank Naicker, Supa Quick Kya Sands explains the importance of ongoing vehicle maintenance.
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Which Age Group Has the Most Road Accidents?
12 Jul 2019 - Drive Safe,Safety
Who are the worst drivers? Older or younger drivers? And which age group have the fewest incidences of accidents?
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7 Key Safety Tips for Young Drivers
8 Jul 2019 - Drive Safe,Safety
Avoid risking an end to your freedom and independence with poor driving habits? Ary Coetzee shares his top safety tips for new drivers.
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