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Useful information about safety on the road, driving safely, how to check your car for safety, and much more.

Speeding – Why it’s so Risky
22 Dec 2023 - Drive Safe,Safety
The speed of motor vehicles is at the core of the estimated 1.2 million people that are killed and the 50 million that are injured in road crashes worldwide each year.
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Happy girl looking out through window of car
Safe Motoring with Your Child – Additional Safety Tips When Driving with Children
4 Dec 2023 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
Ensuring the safety of children in cars is of course, of utmost importance. In addition to the commonly known safety measures like using seat belts and child restraints, there are several other precautions that parents and caregivers can take to keep their children safe while travelling.
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Rain drizzling on a windshield in the evening
Your Guide to Preparing Your Wiper Blades for the Rainy Season
12 Oct 2023 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
As the rainy season approaches, it's important to ensure that your vehicle is ready to handle the wet and slippery roads. Unlike some countries where it rains consistently, but more measured and softly, the rainy season in South Africa can bring heavy downpours and reduced visibility on the roads.
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Wiper on a wet windshield at sunset
A Guide to Wiper Blades and How to Keep Them in Tip-Top Condition
20 Aug 2023 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides
Wiper blades are one of the most under-appreciated pieces of safety equipment on your vehicle. No matter which vehicle you drive, you need a set of wiper blades.
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Why Tread Patterns Matter
23 May 2023 - Drive Safe,Safety,Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides,Safety
Tyre tread patterns are critical to the performance and safety of a vehicle. They are a unique design, each enhancing a vehicle’s performance in specific ways and play a significant role in providing traction and handling in different driving conditions.
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Male using cell phone while steering a car
How Dangerous is Talking & Texting While Driving?
13 Feb 2023 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
On 17 January 2023, Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula released the latest festive season road traffic statistics for the period between 1 December 2022 and 11 January this year.
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Toddler car seat side impact damper protector – close-up view
Are You Using Your Child's Safety Seat Correctly?
23 Jan 2023 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
If you're a parent who has young kids, you know how quickly they grow out of their clothes. Child seats are a little bit like that – your child will grow out of their infant seat and then need a toddler seat and eventually a booster.
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Young girl catching a basket ball on a pedestrian crossing
Teaching Road Safety at School and at Home
19 Jan 2023 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
Road safety is a serious matter, but learning about it can also be made to be fun. Teachers can use all kinds of techniques to help children understand why it's important to use seat belts and helmets, and what they should do if they're in an accident.
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Confident, smiling woman at the wheel of a car with seat belt on
5 Practices to Avoid Causing A Road Accident
19 Nov 2022 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
21 November is World Remembrance Day for Victims of Road Accidents. Beginner and veteran drivers alike know what the rules of the road are, but we sometimes forget that the rules are there for the safety of ourselves and other road users.
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Back of a black car standing in a dandelion field
3 Most Important Spring Car Maintenance Checks
1 Sep 2022 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides,Safety
Spring is one of our favourite seasons in South Africa, especially after what feels like a very long winter of chilly mornings.
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