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All about safe driving

Useful information about safety on the road, driving safely, how to check your car for safety, and much more.

Vehicle Safety - a Supa Check Away
1 Aug 2019 - Drive Safe,Safety
Remain safe and save money this winter by being pro-active and going for a Supa Check. It’s free and takes under 10 minutes to complete. Frank Naicker, Supa Quick Kya Sands explains the importance of ongoing vehicle maintenance.
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Which Age Group Has the Most Road Accidents?
12 Jul 2019 - Drive Safe,Safety
Who are the worst drivers? Older or younger drivers? And which age group have the fewest incidences of accidents?
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7 Key Safety Tips for Young Drivers
8 Jul 2019 - Drive Safe,Safety
Avoid risking an end to your freedom and independence with poor driving habits? Ary Coetzee shares his top safety tips for new drivers.
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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Young Drivers
20 Jun 2019 - Drive Safe,Safety
Young drivers are twenty times more likely to cause accidents because they’re drunk, speeding, or distracted by passengers than older, more experienced drivers.
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Traffic Signs and Rules for Safety on the Road
11 Jun 2019 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides
They populate the sides of quiet suburban streets, stand at busy intersections and loom large over multi-lane highways. But the traffic signs you see on South Africa’s roads aren’t merely aesthetic.
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Anti-Hijacking Tips from Phillip Kekana
23 May 2019 - Drive Safe,Safety
Don’t be caught off guard. Here are some basic anti-hijacking safety tips that you can start implementing in your daily drive.
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Distracted Driving – a Major Cause of Road Accidents
20 May 2019 - Drive Safe,Safety
Inattentive and Distracted Driving has become a major problem and one of the leading causes of single vehicle road crashes.
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Can Seatbelts Save You During a Car Crash?
16 May 2019 - Drive Safe,Safety
Seatbelt systems are designed to reduce injury and death, and they do, but their ability to prevent this under all accident conditions is still limited.
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Driving Safely in Wet Weather
6 May 2019 - Drive Safe,Tips/Guides
Rainy conditions can cause roads to become more dangerous to drive on, but you can lower your risk of accidents by following our Supa safety tips.
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Factors that Affect Stopping Distances on the Road
30 Apr 2019 - Drive Safe,Safety
It is the general belief that a car’s brakes are what will enable you to stop suddenly to avoid a crash. Not so, and we’ll explain why.
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