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Learn About Shock Absorbers

Useful articles about your car’s shocks, from tips, maintenance, safety, DIY, and more.

Body of an illustrated car in 3D isolated on a white background featuring the shocks and suspension.
Demystifying Shock Absorbers & FAQs
6 May 2024 - Shocks,Tips/Guides,Shocks
Shock absorbers, also known as dampers, are an essential component of a vehicle's suspension system. They play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride while maintaining control and stability on the road.
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Low view of a pothole in Gauteng
Ensure Your Shocks Work Properly to Combat Potholes in South Africa
25 Sep 2023 - Shocks,Tips/Guides,Shocks
At the beginning of August 2023, the Department of Transport launched a war-against-potholes campaign. This is in response to the national pothole crises which compromises motorists’ safety as well as costs them financially.
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car suspension news
What’s the difference between shocks and struts?
13 Mar 2023 - Shocks,Shocks
Struts and shocks both make up parts of what we call a suspension system. However, they play very different roles while still contributing to the overall safety and handling of your ride. Of course, they also work to maintain tyre-to-road contact.
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A driver with hands on the steering wheel drifting in a sharp turn, losing control on the road.
When Should I Replace My Shock Absorbers?
31 Jan 2023 - Shocks,Shocks
Shocks (and struts) are safety-critical components. Because they generally wear out gradually over time, the negative effects on safety and performance are not easily noticeable. How long they last depends on a number of factors, such as vehicle load, road and environmental conditions, as well as your driving style.
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Examples of shock absorbers
What are the Main Types of Shock Absorbers?
31 Jan 2022 - Shocks,Tips/Guides,Shocks
Whether on our daily commute or going on a drive trip, navigating South African roads come with its challenges. More than having to deal with distracted drivers on their cell phones or non-operational traffic lights, there is also the issue of South Africa’s “national flower”.
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Front axle with suspension and absorber.
How Worn Shocks Puts Your Safety at Risk
5 Oct 2021 - Shocks,Tips/Guides,Shocks
It's common knowledge that tyres play a major role in vehicle safety, but few people consider the role of shocks or struts and how they affect the safe operation of a vehicle. These have a direct effect on your vehicle’s components and performance, which in turn affects the safety of your car on the road.
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A rear differential ball with sport drag car suspension and big racing tyres
Do Worn Shocks Affect Tyre Wear and Tear?
9 Sep 2020 - Shocks
Aside from helping you maintain control of your vehicle and provide a smooth and comfortable ride, shock absorbers help keep a car’s tyres in contact with the road. The suspension system absorbs sudden shocks and dampens shock vibrations.
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lsupa quick vehicle check
Know Your Shock Absorbers
27 Jun 2020 - Shocks,Tips/Guides
Your shock absorbers are critical safety components on your car and can be classified into two basic types – standalone shocks that attach to the vehicle suspension and frame, and shock-absorber cartridges that are integrated into a suspension strut.
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shock absorber replacement kh
What causes wear and tear on your shocks?
19 Apr 2018 - Shocks,Tips/Guides
Worn shocks on a vehicle are due to a number of reasons such as the terrain a car is driven on, environmental conditions, and the handling style of the driver. By understanding what causes your shock absorbers to wear, you can take measures to extend their lifespan and avoid premature replacement.
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shock absorber test kh
What are shock absorbers?
19 Apr 2018 - Shocks,Tips/Guides
What are shock absorbers on a car and what do they do? By absorbing vibrations and jolts they help maintain a comfortable ride, and they also serve to keep your tyres in contact with the road surface. There are also different shocks for different types of vehicles that serve specific functions.
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