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Margaret A. Wilcox – Mechanical engineer and inventor of the car heater
13 Women Inventors Who Influenced the Automotive Industry
26 Aug 2022 - Supa Sassy,Tips/Guides
Professor of History and American author, Virginia Scharff, has published numerous books on women’s history, including: Taking the Wheel: Women and the Coming of the Motor Age; Twenty Thousand Roads: Women, Movement, and the West; and The Women Jefferson Loved.
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woman engineer
Celebrating South African Women in the Automotive Industry
9 Aug 2022 - Supa Sassy
Although South Africa’s past is peppered with gender inequality issues in the workplace, the country has made encouraging progress with increasing amount of women entering the automotive industry.
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Jamie Chadwick – W Series champion
Women in Formula 1
5 Aug 2022 - Supa Sassy
When we think of motorsports, we think of Formula 1 racing. Considered the pinnacle of all motorsport, Formula 1 (also known as F1 or Formula One) is the highest level of racing across the world.
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Gear Up for that Getaway
10 Aug 2020 - Supa Sassy,Tips/Guides
Road trip holidays are a much-needed event when we're ready to let our hair down and let the breeze take us to the open road. It seems like an age ago when we last enjoyed the freedom of driving out of the city.
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Take the Dread out of Checking your Tyres
10 Aug 2020 - Supa Sassy,Tips/Guides
Life as a woman can get pretty demanding. From what to do with your bad hair day, to wondering how you can get your voice heard in the working world, we'll bet that the condition of your tyres is pretty much the last thing on your mind.
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9 Accident Do's and Don'ts | Supa Quick
9 Accident Do's and Don'ts
10 Aug 2020 - Supa Sassy,Tips/Guides
Everyone has some sort of life 'wish list' of things they'd like to accomplish during their time on earth. On the opposite side of the spectrum, however, is the 'I-hope-this-never-ever-happens-to-me' list of things – car accidents are one of them.
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Nifty Fuel-Saving Tips
10 Aug 2020 - Supa Sassy,Tips/Guides
There's a good chance that with the recent price hikes on all fronts, you reach the end of your money before you reach the end of the month. The struggle is real. And with more petrol price hikes on the horizon, what's a smart girl to do?
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Change a Tyre in no Time Flat
7 Aug 2020 - Supa Sassy,Tips/Guides
Of course, a better way of never needing to change a flat tyre is to avoid getting them flat at all which, thanks to Bridgestone, is now a reality with their run-flat systems made for most modern vehicle makes and models.
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