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Useful tips and guides on everything vehicle-related, from maintenance, DIY, and more.

Automotive innovation facility – Engineer working on 3D holographic model projection of electric car.
Cars: German vs. Japanese Engineering
27 May 2024 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
Once upon a time, a German auto engineer visited a Japanese auto plant. The engineer noticed that the die used to punch body panels was not machined on the outside of the die as he was accustomed to in Germany.
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The Effects of the Exhaust System on a Vehicle's Performance
8 Apr 2024 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
The exhaust system of a vehicle plays a crucial role in its overall performance. It not only affects the engine performance but also has an impact on fuel economy. Additionally, a broken or malfunctioning exhaust system can have severe consequences for both the vehicle and the environment.
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Smartphone docking on a car dashboard
Top Car Accessories for a Summer Road Trip in 2023
11 Dec 2023 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
Summer is the perfect time for road trips, and having the right car accessories can enhance your experience and make your journey more enjoyable. Whether you're planning a long drive to the beach or exploring scenic routes, having the right gear can make all the difference.
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A Guide to Mag Wheels – Choosing & Maintenance
11 Aug 2023 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
Mag wheels, also known as alloy wheels, are a popular choice among car enthusiasts due to their lightweight and stylish design.
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The Benefits of Regular Car Servicing – Why Maintenance Matters
25 Jul 2023 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
Your car is like any other investment. It depreciates in value, it might break down and have to be replaced soon, and it's something you use every day.
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Driving and Eyesight in Older Adults
19 Jul 2023 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
Of all the five senses, a driver’s eyesight is considered the most important for safe driving. The ability to clearly see traffic signs, obstructions, and moving objects on the road ahead is essential to making the right driving decisions and reacting in good time. However, for most of us as we get older, our eyesight changes and becomes weaker.
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Smiling senior couple enjoying the open road in a convertible.
Road Trip Checklist & Tips for Seniors
10 Jul 2023 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
It’s winter holiday time and going on a road trip is not only fun for school children but for seniors too. Whether it’s an extended weekend or a longer week away, road trips in South Africa are a great way for seniors to get out and explore the bountiful and beautiful sights the country has to offer.
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A Guide to the Fluids in Your Car
25 May 2023 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
The lifeblood of your car, fluids keep your car operating in good working condition, providing lubrication for important major components.
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Why Tread Patterns Matter
23 May 2023 - Tips/Guides,Safety,Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides,Safety
Tyre tread patterns are critical to the performance and safety of a vehicle. They are a unique design, each enhancing a vehicle’s performance in specific ways and play a significant role in providing traction and handling in different driving conditions.
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A List of Pensioners’ Specials in South Africa
19 May 2023 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
Many South African pensioners are dependent on the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) old-age grant. But for most, if not all, this is just not enough.
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