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Useful tips and guides on everything vehicle-related, from maintenance, DIY, and more.

Approaching heavy traffic on the highway with overhead directional signs to Johannesburg (N1), and Waterkloof & Brooklyn (M30).
Important Safety Rules When Driving in Heavy Traffic
28 Nov 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
Now that the Covid-19 is more or less behind us, road traffic is back to its pre-pandemic numbers. Furthermore, with more and more vehicles being sold and occupying the country’s roads, traffic congestion is worsening in South Africa.
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Man holding smartphone with the word SCAM in red across the screen
Anti-scam Checklist – Protect Yourself from Vehicle Sale Scams
11 Nov 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
With more and more South Africans turning to the online space to search, research, and purchase, it’s not surprising that internet scams are on the rise.
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Person with prosthetic legs getting out of a car driver's seat.
Obtaining a Disabled Persons Driver’s Licence in South Africa
3 Nov 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
To drive a vehicle on the road with a disability means having to overcome more than just a personal handicap but several other obstacles as well.
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Magnifying glass over driving licence application form for South Africa
Driver’s Licences in South Africa – Your Questions Answered
21 Oct 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
If you’ve recently passed your learner’s licence, remember that it is only valid for 24 months. During this time you should be skilling up on the practical applications of manoeuvring a vehicle safely and confidently.
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Man walking on pedestrian crossing in autumn, in danger of being hit by a moving car
Pedestrian Rules & Safety Tips for Runners & Walkers
14 Oct 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
It’s tough being a pedestrian on South African roads, especially in busy cities and suburbs. Even zebra crossings are not safe zones for pedestrians. According to the AA, pedestrian deaths in South Africa account for up to one-third of all deaths on the country's roads every year.
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Young African man driving a car through the city
Traffic Jam? Quotes to Help You Stay Calm
7 Oct 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
When you find yourself in a traffic jam, you’re not solely to blame – you’re merely the sum of its parts! More importantly,  you don’t have much control of the situation.
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A metaphorical picture of the lungs of planet earth. An icon in the form of a lung-shaped pond in the middle of a wild, pristine and untouched forest.
How Traffic Congestion Affects the Environment (and Humans)
5 Oct 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
Congestion is arguably the most widespread transport challenge in the world, particularly in the large cities. Numerous causes contribute to traffic congestion, such as an inefficient traffic flow system, the massive demands placed on the system, delays caused by breakdowns and accidents, and high-traffic volumes due to an increasing amount of people owning vehicles.
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Cleaning windscreen wiper with a blue microfibre cloth
The Best Way to Clean & Renew Windscreen Wipers
26 Sep 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
If your wiper blades are not doing their job, first check for damage. If there are cracks, chips, or splits, then unfortunately you'll need to replace the blades. But if they are just streaking or making noises, then all it takes is to clean the build-up dirt and grime.
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Car detailing – polishing exterior car paintwork
Stone Chips? Fix Chipped Paint Immediately
16 Sep 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
The paint on your car serves a much higher purpose than simple aesthetic appeal. It’s the first line of defense against the metal body rusting. Common causes that contribute to paint chips vary between natural environmental factors and those caused by humans.
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Car filters
4 Types of Car Filters and Their Function
10 Sep 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
For your vehicle to run optimally, it relies on filters to keep the intricate mechanics free from dirt and grime. Filters that become clogged with contaminants will quickly impact your car’s performance and lead to serious mechanical problems.
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