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Useful tips and guides on everything vehicle-related, from maintenance, DIY, and more.

Filling a car with fuel
Latest Cars That Will Save You Money On Fuel
27 Jun 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
South African vehicle owners have been grappling with a spate of steep increases in fuel prices this year. In June, the price of 93 octane went up to R23,94/L in Gauteng – this despite the temporary fuel levy relief.
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CO2-free electric battery environment-friendly car
The Effects of High Traffic Congestion on Fuel Consumption and the Environment
22 Jun 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
We live in a country where our cities are dominated by fuel-driven road vehicles of various types. On our daily commute to and from work every day, it’s likely that we’ll experience some form of traffic congestion, despite our best efforts to avoid them.
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Wheels, Mags, Rims – What’s the Difference?
7 Mar 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
What’s in a name? It’s not surprising that the names of vehicle components such as wheels and tyres are used interchangeably to mean the same thing when in actual fact they are not.
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Mechanic using a ratchet wrench
Minor & Major Services – What’s the Difference and When Do I Get One?
3 Mar 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
As a guideline, minor car services are carried out every 10,000 to 15,000 kilometres, and major car services every 30,000 to 45,000 kilometres – or every twelve months, whichever comes first.
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Thumb applying pressure to a pressure point between thumb and forefinger.
Road Travel: Tips to Deal with Car Sickness
28 Feb 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
There are few things worse about travelling, whether in a car, boat, or ‘plane, is motion sickness. This is the one thing that can turn a good time into “get me out of here!” faster than you can say, Indiana Jones.
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Road to the mountains, Golden Gate National Park, South Africa
Useful and Interesting SA Destination Facts & Trivia
22 Feb 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
South Africa is a goldmine of travel destinations. Discover what lesser-known facts lurk in between these popular attractions.
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Garden Route, South Africa – the road from Cape Town along the South African coastline. Pictured here is the end of the Garden Route as it goes past the Twelve Apostles, Lions Head, and towards Table Mountain.
Interesting South African Trivia for Your Next Road Trip
18 Feb 2022 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
Whether you’re packing for an Easter getaway or an end-of-year road trip, make your next road journey fun and educational with these trivial questions with interesting answers:
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Futuristic Car – Augmented Reality Windshield, graphical user interface(GUI).
Curated News: 6 New Emerging Car Technologies
28 Jan 2022 - Tips/Guides
A report from the European Transport Safety Council found 26,000 road deaths happen in Europe every year, and speed is one of main causes.
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Franchise Gears and Mechanics
Reasons Why a Franchise Could be the Right Option for You
25 Nov 2021 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
Dreaming of owning your own business but not sure where and how to begin? Starting a business requires a lot of research, analysing, brainstorming, and planning beforehand. If some of these aspects are not in your arsenal of skill sets, franchising can give you a kickstart if you’re itching to get off the ground sooner rather than later.
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Attitude Changes Things (ACT) – Chalked on blackboard
Stress-free Driving Begins With a Positive Attitude
16 Nov 2021 - Tips/Guides,Tips/Guides
You’re driving along merrily, obeying all the rules of the road like a good citizen. You arrive at a traffic circle. An oncoming driver to your right enters the circle and turns right in front of you without indicating. You brake, and give a little warning signal. They offer a rude gesture back, while driving with kids in the car.
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