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Learn About Car Exhausts

Useful articles about your car’s exhaust system, from tips, maintenance, safety, DIY, and more

Two mechanics working on a car’s exhaust system
Why a properly Functioning Exhaust System is Essential
22 Oct 2021 - Exhausts
We’re all familiar with the spluttering, rattling, tapping, and banging noises of a car as it chugs its merry way along the road.  Or the raspy, throaty sounds of a modified exhaust that makes sure everyone within its range notices its presence.
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Blue smoke emission from exhaust pipe of car
Smoke Signals – What Your Exhaust Smoke May Be Telling You
26 Sep 2021 - Exhausts
A car’s engine burns fossil fuels that create carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and nitrogen monoxide. While the exhaust system helps reduce the air as well as noise pollution that your car produces, it also designed to ensure that these harmful toxic gases are safely emitted out of and away from the vehicle.
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Know Your Exhaust System
20 Sep 2019 - Exhausts
An exhaust system is a complex component of a vehicle that begins at the engine combustion chambers and runs along the undercarriage. The only visible part of the system is the tailpipe at the back of the vehicle, as the image from clearmechanic.com illustrates.
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