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in partnership with Supa Quick are helping raise awareness around the importance of child car seats. If you have a pre-loved car seat you no longer use, why not make a generous donation and drop it off at a Supa Quick near you. A family in need will appreciate it and a needy child will benefit greatly. Make a difference today.

Four young female farmers planting tomato seedlings from a seedbed into the ground. Urban garden volunteers.
Giving Back on Mandela Day
16 Jul 2022 - Wheel Well,News
Each year, on the day of Nelson Mandela’s birthday, 18 July, Mandela Day is celebrated across the world.
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Child reaching for doll from her car seat at backseat of car
Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Child's Car Seat
7 Jul 2022 - Wheel Well,Tips/Guides
As a parent and car owner, car seats are one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. Choosing a car seat means ensuring it is the right fit for your child as well as your car.
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Reduce South Africa’s sky-high child road mortality rates this Easter, Wheel Well urges
12 Apr 2022 - Wheel Well,News,Safety
JOHANNESBURG, 12 April 2022 - In 2020, children made up a staggering 34% of all fatalities caused by road accidents, up from 31% the previous year. In human terms, this meant that 672 children in the age group of 0-9 years died while being passengers in vehicles.
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SA Motorists to Protect Kids Over the Easter Break
30 Mar 2021 - Wheel Well
JOHANNESBURG, 30 March 2021 – While traffic volumes on South African roads over the 2021 Easter period are expected to be well below pre-Covid levels, motorists can’t afford to let their guard down, especially parents travelling with children.
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Child Road Safety Grows from Knowledge
24 Nov 2020 - Wheel Well,Safety,Tips/Guides
JOHANNESBURG, 24 November 2020 – Speak to any parent and most will tell you their child is the most precious thing in their lives and they would do everything to ensure their safety.
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Father placing child into child car seat in rear of car
Guidelines Towards Choosing the Right Car Seat
19 Oct 2020 - Wheel Well,Tips/Guides
Choosing a car seat for your child should not be stressful, nor daunting. Use our handy guide and charts to find the one that fits just right.
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Wheel Well Cheque Hand Over- Yolandi Grundeling and Peggie Mars
Intervention for child road accident deaths get R100k capital injection
13 Oct 2020 - Wheel Well,News
JOHANNESBURG, 13 October 2020 – Supa Quick has donated R100 000 towards the establishment of a Child Car Safety Learning Centre for Wheel Well, a non-profit organisation dedicated to road safety for children in South Africa.
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Do the car seat 5-point test to determine if your child is ready to move from booster seat to seat belt.
Is My Child Ready to Switch from Booster to Seatbelt?
25 Sep 2020 - Wheel Well,Safety
There are many and parents would be glad to see their child finally migrate from booster seats to buckling up like an adult. However, this should not be rushed into for the sake of convenience.
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7 Golden rules of child car seats
7 Golden Rules for Child Car Seat Safety
14 Sep 2020 - Wheel Well,Safety,Tips/Guides
As parents, we know full well to always secure our children into a seat while driving. What we aren’t all aware of is that most accidents happen on the shorter journeys, so even if you’re going “just around the corner”, proper use of a car seat is critical.
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Our Partnership with Wheel Well
11 Aug 2020 - Wheel Well,News,Tips/Guides
Wheel Well is a registered Section 21 company dedicated to working for child safety on South African roads. Their overarching initiative is to collect used child car seats from generous donors in order to distribute them to families who cannot afford to buy them.
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