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Gear Up for that Getaway

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Be #SupaSassy and get your car sorted before you go

Road trip holidays are a much-needed event when we're ready to let our hair down and let the breeze take us to the open road. It seems like an age ago when we last enjoyed the freedom of driving out of the city.

Beyond packing your sunnies, sarongs, and sandals, be sure to check your car's safety before you road-trip your way to bliss. To ensure that your holiday is all smiles, check that your car is in tip-top shape at least two weeks before leaving for your trip.

9 checks to do before you go

  1. Lights and indicators –Check that your lights, brake lights and indicators are all in working order. Get someone to help watch the lights while you perform the actions.
  2. Windows and wipers –Get any chips or cracks in your windscreen repaired. Cracks, chips and dysfunctional wipers may not only reduce your visibility, but they also limit the ability to protect you and your passengers in a car accident or in adverse conditions.
  3. Tyres –There are many things to consider when it comes to tyres.
    1. The first is to ensure that each of your tyres have adequate tread. If your tyres look a little bald, you'll definitely need to replace them.
    2. Secondly, ensure that your tyres are wearing evenly. Uneven wear could indicate a more serious issue such as bad wheel alignment.
    3. Lastly, check that your car has a spare tyre, that it is in good condition, and that it is inflated along with all your other tyres before you leave.
  4. Suspension – If your car seems to bounce, roll, and needs a longer stopping distance than normal, you may need to check that your shock absorbers are still in good nick.
  5. Batteries –If your car struggles to start, it could be time for a new battery. Also, ensure that your battery water is topped up with distilled water before you head off on your journey.
  6. Brakes –Perform an emergency stop in your car to see how your brakes fare. If your stopping distance concerns you, or if you experience any vibrations or hear any unsettling noises, get your brakes checked.
  7. Exhausts – Your old exhaust won't necessarily cause you any bodily harm, but it will burn a hole in your pocket and the ozone layer too. A damaged exhaust system affects your car's fuel consumption and can also lower your vehicle's performance.
  8. Cooling systems – Your car's radiator and water pump work hard to keep your car from overheating, so check that all fluids are topped up to the correct level and that your radiator cap seals properly.
  9. Tools and safety equipment –Things can go wrong. If in the event you end up on the side of the road, make sure you're equipped with a reflective triangle, working flashlight, car jack and wrench.

If all this sounds a little technical, it's all good! Simply find your nearest Supa Quick and get our experts to do a safety check on your car for mahala. Plus, we're the experts at replacing tyres, brakes, batteries, shocks and exhausts too, so we've got you covered for all your fitment needs.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational or informational purposes only. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of this information. The views expressed in this article are the views of the author and not necessarily the views of Supa Quick.


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