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What are the dangers of worn tyres?

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So you know your tyre tread is kind of important but are aware of the safety risks you are taking when driving on worn tyres? These are the top 3 most dangerous aspects of driving on low tread depth and this isn’t just about making sure your car is roadworthy. It’s about keeping you, your passengers and the people on the road with you safe.

1. Aquaplaning
Worn tyres have less grip on the road, this may cause a decrease in handling efficiency during wet driving conditions as well as cause you to aquaplane more frequently.

2. Punctures
Worn tyres are highly susceptible to punctures and impact damage which could in turn result in a blowout, the loss of vehicle control and a very serious accident.

3. Lowered braking ability
Worn tyres will absolutely increase the braking distance you require to stop which will endanger both you and the drivers around you.

The Law

The law states that you must have a minimum of 1mm tread depth across the width of the entire tyre. Worn tyres could put you at risk of having your car impounded, getting fined or even having your insurance claim rejected.

As you may have notice tyre tread is incredibly important for both your budget and peace of mind. If you’re concerned yours is getting a little thin or your Tread Wear Indicator is saying you need a replacement, then you need to get to Supa Quick for expert advice and a great deal on Bridgestone and Firestone tyres.

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