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What do you do if your tyre bursts?

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Sometimes we are lucky enough to catch a puncture early or notice a defect upfront and we are able to fix it before we run into trouble. Unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves at high speed in the flow of traffic when a tyre bursts.

We’ve compiled step-by-step guide on what to do in that situation so you don’t panic when it happens.

Step 1: Watch your speed
The lower your speed the better chance you have of surviving this incident. Excessive speed combined with a blow out could quickly cause you to lose control of your vehicle so try your best to stick to the speed limit in general, especially if you’re already worried about your tyres.

Step 2:  Do not slam on the brakes
Our natural instinct in the event of an accident or car issue is to slam on the brakes and stop immediately. However, in this case it is the absolutely worst thing you could possibly do. It will throw the vehicle off balance, send you into a spin, or simply cause you to lose control completely.

Step 3: Do not release the accelerator suddenly.                             
Ideally, you should begin to slow down but you must do this slowly. The deceleration force caused by the burst tyre will cause your car to slow down rapidly so it is best to maintain your speed and then gradually ease off.

Step 4: Keep the vehicle going straight ahead
You need to focus on your steering to ensure that you continue travelling straight in order to avoid any collisions following the blowout. Your car will swerve in the direction of the blowout but you should be able to remain in control.

Step 5: Do not over correct
When you first feel the swerve of your car after the blowout, it may be tempting to panic and turn the steering wheel hard in the other direction. Unfortunately, this will only make the loss of control more likely. Rather do your best to keep it straight as detailed in the previous step.

Step 6: Let your vehicle coast to a stop
Let your vehicle come to a gradual stop, using engine braking if necessary. Ensure it is safe for you and your car to stop there before stopping and once you have come to a complete standstill turn on your emergency or hazard lights.

If you take these 6 steps seriously and happen to remember them in an emergency, you should be able to survive a blowout unscathed. 

To find new tyres to replace the old worn out ones head over here or visit your nearest Supa Quick tyre dealer for expert advice.

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