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What’s that noise coming from your brakes?

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Brake noises are some of the most terrifying noises you can experience in your car other than the ominous scraping when you’re trying to get around a pillar in a really tight parking. That’s why we have broken down the top four most worrying brake noises, their possible causes and what to do next!

  1. Grinding
    This is number one because it’s the most concerning noise of them all. If you hear a grinding noise stop driving immediately because chances are your vehicles brake pads are extremely worn down.
  2. Squealing
    This noise could be due to one of two things. It may be due to you having inferior quality brake pads fitted or your brake wear indicator coming into contact with the rotor.
  3. Thumping in the rear
    A thumping noise is definitely a sign of trouble but could be due to various factors. If it is in fact your brakes causing the thumping, it’s probably due to an issue with your rear drums.
  4. Scraping
    This isn’t too difficult a problem to fix as you probably just picked up a stone during your last drive, just head down to Supa Quick and get that rock gone.

While this description of the noises may help you notice when your brakes are giving out but it is very difficult to diagnose such serious mechanical issues on sounds alone. Our advice would be to head down to a Supa Quick dealer, consult an expert and fix those noisy brakes because ineffective brakes can be incredibly dangerous.

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