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Wheel Alignment Affects Your Vehicle's Performance

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Wheel alignment is an adjustment of the suspension system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. It does not involve adjusting the wheels or tyres themselves. Driving on bad roads that are rough or filled with potholes knocks tyres out of alignment and can cause issues such as increased or uneven tyre wear.


This is why wheel alignment is a necessary exercise, and all the benefits relate to one another:

Fuel efficiency

Wheels must be properly aligned so that you can steer your car in a straight line in the direction you intend. Misaligned wheels make it difficult to do so since they tend to drag instead of rolling freely, which in turn negatively affects fuel economy.

Steering control

Related to fuel efficiency, misaligned wheels cause your car to veer to one side instead of driving forward. Not only does this drag cause you to waste fuel and wear out tyres faster, it reduces handling and makes it difficult to control the vehicle.

Ride comfort

When misaligned tyres cause your vehicle to pull to the right or left, it also causes vibration and a bumpy ride, making the driving experience unpleasant when it’s meant to be smooth.

Longer tyre lifespan

Premature and uneven tyre wear will result in you having to replace them more frequently. The following tyres of wear occur:

  • Feathering – When tyres become “feathered”, the tread has been worn down on one side while the other side remains sharp.
  • Camber – Either the inside or outside edge of the tyre tread wears down more than the centre.
  • Heel and toe – When one side of a tread block appears to be wearing down faster than the other in your tyre’s rolling direction, which can cause noise or vibration.

Read more about uneven tyre wear in this quick guide.


Road hazards such as potholes, debris, curbs, and even running over a speed bump too fast can knock your alignment off. But few people realise that when tyres are already misaligned, hitting such objects can cause much more damage to your tyres and the suspension system.

To avoid unnecessary costs down the road, check your car’s wheel alignment every 6 - 12 months. Supa Quick are the tyre experts. Find your nearest Supa Quick service centre and come in for a free vehicle safety check.

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