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Which Age Group Has the Most Road Accidents?

Safety - 12 July 2019
Caroline Swanevelder
Caroline Swanevelder

Claims history and research clearly shows that drivers over 40, who have been driving for many years, are the safest drivers on the road. Caroline Swanevelder, Head Underwriting Department, Risk Guard Alliance shares her knowledge and gives driving tips to people of all ages.

A graph prepared from statistics gathered in 2016 and 2017 by the Department of Transport clearly shows which age group has the most accidents.


Under 25s

The percentage of accidents for the number of drivers in the under 25 age group is high. This is due to lack of experience, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, using cell phones while driving and speeding.

If you have taken drugs or had too much alcohol, take an Uber or find alternative transport.  Your insurer won’t settle your claim if you haven’t obeyed the rules of the road.  This also goes for speeding and using your cell phone while driving because there are severe financial and legal consequences for those who act illegally.

Between 25 and 39

The worst drivers per age category are those between 25 to 39 years of age. Although, drivers within this age group have the most road accidents, obey the rules of the road and attend an advanced driving course can go a long way to avoid accidents. This should be particularly important to you if you are married with a young family to support.

Interestingly enough, insurers give lower premiums to married people, one of the reasons are that married couples are more likely to stay home at night with their spouses and children.  By comparison, their single counterparts tend to be out socialising and travelling on the roads at night.

Between 40 and 65

Research proves that those in this category are safer drivers, have more driving experience, and therefore less prone to accidents. However, if you’re in this category this does not mean that you are immune to accidents. Remain sensible and practical and remember to keep your vehicle well maintained or risk being guilty of gross negligence and your claims be rejected by your insurer.

Over 65s

Drivers over the age of 65 have fewer accidents and those that do occur are less severe.  Most accidents related to this age group fall into the small claims category and are largely the result of bumper bashing.

Should you be over the age of 70, remember that it is imperative to check your eye-sight annually to ensure that it is good enough for driving, as well as a necessity for licence renewals.

No matter what age you’re at, obeying the rules of the road will help you remain safe while driving and ensure that your road accident claims are paid out without question should the need arise.

Says Caroline Swanevelder :“No matter how old you are, if you break the law, your road accident claim will not be settled.”

Supa Quick is passionate about keeping South Africans of all ages safe on the road.  Why not stop in at a Supa Quick fitment centre for a free vehicle safety check and keep driving accident-free.

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