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Tips for Maintaining your Windscreen Wipers

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Windscreen and wiper – interior viewAlthough windscreen wiper blades are durable, you can promote their longevity further by following a few sensible tips. Kerry Albertyn, Supa Quick Fishers Hill explains.

Rainfall and subsequent heavy usage of windscreen wiper blades doesn’t cause them to perish. However, they are damaged by UV rays, dust, abrasives, acid rain, salt water, and the remains of insects left on your windscreen. This causes them to lose flexibility and develop curvature, which prevents full contact with your windshield.

Maintenance Checks

Ensure maximum efficiency and reliability by maintaining your windscreen wiper blades and examining them frequently. This should include front and rear blades, the windshield washer pump, hoses, and fluid.

Replace windscreen wipers every six months or when wipers become hard or old.

Tip: Save money by shopping around for wiper blades and a bit of DIY.

Tips when Using your Wiper Blades

  • Remember not to use windscreen wipers to clear sand, mud or grime from your windscreen as this could damage it.
  • Clean your windshield every time you fill your tank with fuel, but also after returning home from a journey that has soiled your windscreen.
  • Try to park your vehicle undercover, especially during extreme weather conditions. This helps protect wiper blades from cold and the scorching sun, which leaches oil from your blades.
  • If your windshield freezes up, don’t use your windscreen wipers to remove the ice. Instead, use an ice scraper or your defroster.

Remain safe on the road while driving. Monitor your windscreen wiper blades and replace when necessary. Follow the tips to make them last longer. In turn, they’ll serve you well.

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