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BOTO 40,000 km Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. The warranty is limited to 40,000 km from date of purchase.
  2. The vehicle’s tyre pressure must be checked regularly and inflated according to the vehicle specification.
  3. Warranty only available at Supa Quick branches nationwide including Botswana and Namibia.
  4. The warranty is not transferable upon sale of vehicle.
  5. Bridgestone South Africa reserves the right to remove BOTO tyre sizes or patterns or cancel the BOTO Mileage Warranty without any prior notice.
  6. Valid only on the purchase of 2 or 4 selected BOTO PSR or LTR tyres.
  7. The vehicle needs to be presented to a Supa Quick store at least every 10,000 km or every 6 months, whichever comes first, for a free vehicle safety inspection. Your BOTO Mileage Warranty Card will be stamped and needs to be kept with the tyre purchase invoice.
  8. Balancing rotation and alignment will be for the end-user’s own expense at any Supa Quick outlet.


Tyres with faults due to the below categories will not be compensated:

  1. Tyre damage due to road hazards, fire, accidents, corrosion, vandalism, or damage caused by nature.
  2. Tyre damage, premature or irregular tyre wear due to improper inflation pressure.
  3. Tyre damage due to unsuitable or faulty rim or valve, including improper mounting or demounting procedures.
  4. Tyre damage due to defective mechanical condition of the vehicle, including misalignment, faulty shock absorbers or brakes, wheel imbalance, and/or worn or faulty parts.
  5. Tyres in an out-of-round condition after the first 20% of original tread depth.
  6. Tyres that have been sold by an unauthorised BOTO distribution network.
  7. Improper application of tyre size and/or specification.
  8. Vehicles used for racing or commercial purposes.
  9. Tyre worn out, i.e. 1.6 mm or less of remaining tread depth across the remaining tread area.
  10. Tyres that have been re-treaded or repaired.
  11. Tyre noise due to irregular wear.
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