Experience the Power of Supa Battery

With 99% of car breakdowns being a direct result of battery failure, you need a battery that you can fully rely on. Not only do we believe in offering only the best range of car batteries from trusted providers, but we will also install them completely for free.

Our customers deserve a battery that they can depend on which is why we are proud to announce the launch of the all-new Supa Power Battery, distributed by Willard Batteries.


Tough, Reliable Automotive BatterySupa Quick - Supa Power the Reliable Automotive Battery

Embrace the power of the all-new Supa Power Battery!

By combining leading technology, world-class manufacturing and robust quality, Supa Quick is now exclusively offering the highly-affordable Supa Power Battery.

Manufactured under strict quality control conditions, the Supa Power battery is built to ensure maximum performance. There are few other batteries that can delivery power as efficiently and effectively as the Supa Power Battery.

Due to its high-performance, Supa Power is a cost-effective starter battery of choice for a range of automobiles including 4x4s and bakkies.  

With an 18-month warranty, you can recommend Supa Power with confidence!

Reasons to Stock Up on Supa Power

  • Supa Power is dependable and inexpensive
  • Supa Power is ideal for starting, providing long-lasting power to ignition systems and electrical accessories
  • Supa Power provides excellent longevity and cold cranking ability
  • Supa Power is fit for purpose
  • Supa Power is manufactured under strict quality control conditions
  • Supa Power is built according to the latest technologies to ensure maximum performance
  • Supa Power is tough and reliable
  • Supa Power batteries come with a 18-month warranty
  • Supa Power is distributed by Willard Batteries


The Battery Experts

As industry leaders in expert service, you can put your complete trust in our skilled auto fitment professionals. With over 200 branches located countrywide, we are fully-equipped and eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Find your nearest Supa Quick branch to get your car fitted with an all-new Supa Power battery.

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