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Get love guaranteed this Valentine’s month

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Customers adopting pets in the month of love can have their adoption fees covered by Supa Quick

JOHANNESBURG, 08 February 2022 –Tyre fitment centre group Supa Quick is bringing a new meaning to Valentine’s Day this year, by recognising the love that people have for pets and the love pets have for their fellow humans, through an initiative promoting the adoption of dogs and cats across the country.

Supa Quick is offering the first 100 customers who adopt a dog or cat from a registered adoption agency, a refund of the adoption fees (up to R1000), along with a Supa Quick pet hamper. Typically, adoption fees include deworming, neutering or spaying as well as flea and parasite treatment, but may differ from one adoption agency to the next.

A cat and a dog with its tongue hanging out.

“As more than tyre experts, we at Supa Quick have recognised the importance of caring about people, the environment and the living creatures that we share our communities with,” says Yolandi Grundeling, Supa Quick brand manager. “Every dog and cat in South Africa, being our closest animal friends, deserves a safe, warm home, and this Valentine’s month we hope to see that become a reality, not just for them, but for deserving families to add a loving new companion to warm up their homes.”

According to the World Animal Protection Index, South Africa has a long way to go in promoting animals population management, which includes sensible ownerships, mass animals vaccinations, reproduction control programmes, protecting stray animals and reducing the mass culling of unwanted and abandoned animals through its laws and policies.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a sharp rise in interest in pet adoption around the world reflected the demand for companionship, however, reports also showed an increase in pets being abandoned and ill-treated. Dog and cat adoption provide these pets with a second chance at love and saves them from the fate of euthanasia.

Pet lovers wishing to be counted amongst the first 100 adopters and receive the hamper can simply Whatsapp proof of their adoption and a picture with their new dog or cat to 071 042 3005 to qualify for the initiative. For more information, visit the Supa Quick website.

Pet lovers may not adopt a dog and a cat from any breeder, adoption must be from a registered adoption agency.

“While this initiative is expected to run until 28 February, we at Supa Quick are hoping to partner with animal welfare organisations to improve the level of protection and care for the millions of South Africa’s animals,” Grundeling says.

A cat and a dog on a couch


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