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Mediology Scoops Perfect Fit for Supa Quick with New Parking Garage Campaign

News - 04 July 2019

Creative Media & Digital Marketing agency, Mediology, recently became the first local team to deploy South Africa’s newest Out of Home (OOH) medium – printable protective foam pillar sleeves in mall parking garages - for client Supa Quick.

Spotting the flawless synergy between Supa Quick’s road safety positioning and Bumpa Buddies’ heavy duty pillar sleeves that keep cars safe from scratches and bumps while manoeuvring into tight spots, the agency took full advantage of first mover impact by pillar branding parking garages at thirteen major shopping centres across three provinces with the new medium.

“We are always looking for those opportunities where we can “disrupt” the commuter in a way which feels relevant and contextual instead of trying to force brands in spaces where there may be numbers but there’s no relevance or the consumer’s state of mind doesn’t match the message.  For us it always has to be about moments that match the message – and  how better to communicate Supa Quick’s safety message than by introducing a message and medium that the commuter is happy to have on both their and their car’s side?” explains Christo van den Bergh, Mediology’s OOH division head.

According to Desiree van Niekerk, Brand Manager of Supa Quick, the company was equally pleased to pioneer the new medium.

“Full marks to Mediology for the smarts to be first out of the blocks to spot and recommend this innovative new medium. It allows us to take full advantage of the topicality associated with being the first brand to inject life into the rather dreary appearance of mall parking garages and simultaneously provide parkers with a very useful benefit.  

Consumers are being allowed to potentially save on the cost of fixing scuffs and scratches – savings they can put towards their next purchase of new tyres, shock absorbers, brake pads or even a new battery or exhaust system. This campaign seamlessly communicates our cornerstone values of innovation and convenience. 

We are embracing this dual-purpose platform wholeheartedly, and if the word of mouth commentary to date is anything to go by, then we are onto something good.”

 The innovative brainchild of this brand-new OHH start-up, the Bumpa Buddies sleeves are made of highly durable polyethylene material that are printed on state-of-the-art printing machines with capacity to print 1000 sheets per hour to ensure fast turn-around times on campaigns.

The company’s unique installation process which is  currently also awaiting patent rights.

Insurance on the condition of the sleeves as well as on-going routine maintenance by a national network of seventeen maintenance teams ensure that medium’s appearance remains in premium condition for the duration of the campaign.

The new company also ticks the box in terms of the triple bottom line concerns of planet, corporate social investment and employment creation by offering a post-campaign facility of having the material recycled in a variety of ways. These include entrepreneurship partnerships with communities to repurpose sleeves into items such as flip flops, fold-up mattresses and bags for sale as well as schools-based social upliftment by transforming them into floor tiles for play areas, murals or toys.

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