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Potenza S001 Run Flat Tyres

Features and Benefits

Potenza S001 Run Flat Tyres

Potenza is Bridgestone`s most technically advanced high performance tyre, engineered for the ultimate driving experience. Factory installed by the world`s most prestigious auto manufacturers, including Ferrari, Aston-Martin, Porsche, BMW and Audi.

The New Dimension of Perfectly Balanced Wet and Dry Performance

Inheriting the technology used in the Potenza RE050, the tyre chosen for high performance cars the world over, takes the driving experience to a new level of wet and dry performance.

Reducing the Potenza RE050`s four main grooves down to three enables a larger block on the tyre`s outside edge. This, combined with the new "Multi-Performance Block" and "60° Slant Lug", enables improved handling and braking performance in both wet and dry conditions.

Semi Slick-Centre Rib

Slick-style centre rib improves the handling response of the steering center.

GUTT II Simulation Straight Grooves

With GUTT II Simulation the alignment, thickness and configuration of the straight rooves significantly reduce the rick of hydroplaning.

NEW : 60° Slanted Sipe

Block sipes are positioned at a 60° angle, with the same effect as the nose of an F1 racing car. Block rigidity has been optimised, improving both traction and braking performance.

Block and Click Combination

Lateral grooves improve traction and braking. This combined with slick area, reduces wear on the inside edge and guards against becoming unbalanced with the outside edge.

NEW : Multi-Performance Block

The outside block, which takes most of the load when cornering, has been enlarged and reinforced to improve both wet and dry handling.




Ultra High Performance
Run Flat
Take the ultimate drive with the ultimate performance tyre for premium sports cars. With new optimum block rigidity offering improved traction and braking performance, it combines high-speed capabilities with a more comfortable ride in all conditions.
Width (mm)
Diameter (mm)
195/55R16  87 201 621  
205/50R17  89 214 637  
225/35R19  88 230 640  
225/40R18  88 230 637  
225/40R19  89 230 663  
225/45R17  91 230 634  
225/45R18  91 230 660  
225/50R17  94 230 657  
225/55R17  97 233   
245/35R18  88 248 629  
245/40R17  91 248 628  
245/40R18  93 248 653  
245/40R19  94 248 679  
245/45R17  95 248   
245/45R18  96 248 678  
255/30R19  91 260 636  
255/35R19  92 260 661  
255/40R18  95 260 661  
255/45R17  98 260 661  
275/35R19  96 278 675  
275/40R18  99 278 677  
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