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Experience the Power of the All New Supa Power Battery

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Tough, reliable automotive battery

Supa Quick is proud to announce the launch of their new Supa Power automotive battery by Willard.

Supa Quick Supa Power battery

Manufactured under strict quality control conditions, the Supa Power battery is built according to the latest technologies to ensure maximum performance. With its leading technology, world-class manufacturing, robust quality, and affordable price, there are few other batteries that can deliver power as efficiently and effectively as Supa Quick's new Supa Power battery.

Great reasons to fit a Supa Power battery

The Supa Power battery is:

  • Inexpensive and affordable
  • Tough and reliable
  • Well suited for your vehicle, whether passenger car or 4x4
  • Manufactured under strict quality control conditions
  • Built according to the latest technologies to ensure maximum performance
  • Guaranteed for 18-months from date of purchase



Sealed and maintenance-free

No topping up of water required

Longitudinal handle

Easy to carry

Polypropylene container structure

Strong, tough and dependable design

Twin integrated flash arresting discs

Prevents sparking

Labyrinth lid design

Prevents leaking

Reliable power

Constant power flow during the whole life cycle

Battery serialisation via a QR label

Allows end-user to track the status of their 18-month warranty.

Embrace the Power

Supa Power is the cost-effective battery of choice for a range of vehicles, from passenger cars to bakkies and 4x4s. Supa Quick offers only the best range of car batteries from trusted providers, installed for free.

Available from all Supa Quick outlets countrywide. Call your nearest Supa Quick or fill in the online form and get a quote now.

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