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Features and Benefits


Experience high levels of grip during braking and dynamic driving, while enhancing driver confidence with improved grip levels during dry and wet weather conditions.

With the Alenza 001, Bridgestone introduces improved SUV tyre technology with the development of two revolutionary and ground-breaking engineering feats.

Improved SUV Tyre Stability

The Alenza 001 can reduce the amount of deformation in the block using Bridgestone’s new 3D M-Shaped Sipe, which improves driver confidence and vehicle dynamics, especially while braking. The improved sipe formation ensures the Bridgestone Alenza 001 holds it shape in critical structural areas, while deforming in the areas required for stability management.

Increased Tyre Lifespan

Nano Pro-Tech™ is the latest engineering marvel from Bridgestone research and development teams. Through combining Silica-rubber and Polymer in the Bridgestone Alenza 001 tyre compound, the tyre lifespan has been increased with the bonded rubbers offering reduced wear rate.

Evolving Technology

With the Alenza 001 drivers can expect improved wet weather performance, extended lifespan and reduced rolling resistance which helps improve fuel efficiency by comparison, our new Alenza 001 continues to take strides in the right direction as we develop on the success of our previous tyres.

Alenza 001 available through our extensive dealership network across South Africa.

Our Bridgestone network remains pioneering in offering segment-leading products in our industry.




Highway Performance
Run Flat
Our latest Bridgestone Alenza 001 is designed specifically for the high demands of luxury SUV's. Engineered for optimal comfort and performance, our Alenza 001 gives drivers the confidence they expect from our products.
Sizes Ply Load
Width (mm)
Diameter (mm)
215/60R17    96     
225/60R18    104    727   
225/65R17    102    724   
235/45R20    96    720   
235/50R19    99     
235/55R18    100    715   
235/55R18    100    715   
235/55R19    101    741   
245/40R21    100    729   
245/45R20    103    728   
245/50R19    105    729   
245/50R19    105    729   
255/45R19    100     
255/55R19    107    764   
255/60R18    108    763   
275/35R21    103    725   
275/40R20    106     
275/40R21    107    753   
275/45R20    110    756   
275/50R20    113    785   
285/40R21    109    761   
285/45R20    108    764   
305/40R20    112     
315/35R21    111    753   
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