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What are the Main Types of Shock Absorbers?

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Whether on our daily commute or going on a drive trip, navigating South African roads come with its challenges. More than having to deal with distracted drivers on their cell phones or non-operational traffic lights, there is also the issue of South Africa’s “national flower”. Along with the general road humps and bumps that you encounter as a motorist, potholes are yet another common problem which are much more hazardous to contend with.

Shock absorbers automatically adjust to road conditions and fitting a set of good shock absorbers are even more crucial when dealing with the many hazards and unexpected holes on the roads. Although all shock absorbers do the same job, different types of vehicles and suspension designs require different types of shock absorbers.

Examples of shock absorbers

3 Shock absorber types

There are many different varieties of shocks, and different types of vehicles require a specific type, but according to Monroe, all shock absorbers fit into one of three types:

1. Standard telescopic shocks

A simple type of shock absorber, telescopic shocks are commonly used in motorcycles for the front suspension.. They can be compressed and extended and are subdivided into bi-tube and mono-tube dampers. Some of the advantages are that they are available in various sizes, require little maintenance, and are relatively inexpensive.

2. Struts

Struts are not shocks and shocks are not strut – therefore they are not interchangeable. While they perform the same function, they are a different system, and your vehicle is designed to either accommodate struts or shocks, never both.

Struts are built to form part of your car’s suspension system and plays a role in steering and alignment. Sealed units are meant to be fully replaced rather than repaired, while McPherson struts can be fitted with replacement cartridges.

3. Spring seat

Like struts, a spring seat shock is both a suspension unit and damping device all in one unit. However, unlike struts, they are not capable of sustaining heavy loads, and being a sealed unit, would also need to be fully replaced once damaged. 

Choose the right shock absorbers

Some of the key factors to consider when choosing shock absorbers are the make and model of your car, price, and the quality of roads you frequently drive on.

Supa Quick are your shock absorber experts and historically have fitted more shock absorbers than any other fitment centre in South Africa. We’ll match the right shock absorber to your specific vehicle and driving conditions, and provide a 36-month manufacturer’s guarantee for your peace of mind.

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