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Bridgestone Partners with EV Manufacturers for Customised Premium Tyres

With the rapid shift towards electric vehicles (EV) and few carbon emissions, Bridgestone is investing to make electric mobility more accessible and efficient for original equipment (OE) manufacturers, drivers, and fleets.

In collaboration with EV manufacturers, Bridgestone’s custom-engineered premium tyres will address the unique challenges EVs face, and to make electric mobility more efficient and accessible.

EV tyres currently represent 11% of Bridgestone EMIA’s total OE line-up for passenger cars – rising from just 4% in 2019. This figure is expected to reach over 20% in 2024.

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Changes to Tyres for Formula 1 in 2022

In the upcoming Formula 1 season, the familiar 13-inch wheels and meaty sidewall, high-profile tyres of the 1960s are now being replaced in favour of the modernised low-profile 18-inch tyres. This update comes in a bid to contain costs as well as to equalise performance levels among teams.

Rather than simply constructing a different size of the same tyre, the new race tyres manufactured by Pirelli had to be designed completely from scratch.  The 18-inch tyres were produced using new technology, different compounds, and featured new characteristics.

Pirelli’s Run-Flat Tyres Reaches 20 Years

Since 2001, Pirelli has produced over 70 million run-flat tyres. The company sees a future where the technology will play an even bigger role in electric vehicles, which typically do not carry spare tyres in order to save its space for battery storage.

Run-flat technology will play an important role in future autonomous driving systems, by helping the vehicle remain under control even in an emergency situation.

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The Next Big Thing in Tyre Technology

Connected, autonomous, shared, and electric technologies are resulting in unique tyre demands, both in performance and for environmental improvement. It’s likely that the most immediate impact in tyre design and technology will come with the continued adoption of electric vehicles.  

In the case of connected and autonomous vehicles, Bridgestone are continuing to design and develop tyres that will be smarter through technologies built into the tyre.

Find out more about what tyre manufacturers like Bridgestone, Continental, Giti, and Hercules, and say:

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