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Supa Quick plays cupid

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Many South Africans have seen their jobs affected by the Covid-19 lockdowns, experiencing fewer hours of paid work, or having their salaries cut due the struggling economy. Some might wonder how they can make this Valentines’ Day memorable, even if it is a matter of getting a card for a loved one. With the current high cost of living, even buying a card may be tall order.

“What to do, what to do?” is the pressing question buzzing in their heads as they try to figure out how they will show some love on this special day. Well, Supa Quick fitment centres all around the country have it covered.


“With the quickly inflating and exorbitant prices of greeting cards in South Africa, Valentine’s Day is on us this year,” says Supa Quick brand manager, Yolandi Grundeling. “Anyone can pop into the nearest Supa Quick fitment centre to pick up a free Valentine’s Day card for a loved one during this month of love. There is no excuse this February for not giving a gesture of love to your partner, or even that boy or girl you have a crush on. After all, it is the thought that counts, isn’t it?”


“In the current climate, even the smallest gestures of appreciation such as a heartfelt Valentine’s card can brighten one’s day. At Supa Quick we have always placed relationships at the heart of everything we do, and helping people celebrate this day of love is something truly special,” Grundeling concludes.


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