We'll bring down the cost of maintaining your fleet permanently!

Supa Quick’s Fleet Division has been established to provide corporate fleet operators with corporate fleet solutions. Our strength is in ensuring that fleet owners, managers and drivers achieve maximum vehicle operational efficiency – from both a financial and functional perspective.

This ability has led to Supa Quick becoming the preferred supplier to many of South Africa’s most prestigious and demanding fleet operators.

There are many advantages to using Supa Fleet to satisfy your fleet needs.


Supa Quick has followed a philosophy of providing the best, as opposed to the cheapest, products available. We see this as essential in maintaining the high investments that vehicles represent to your company. In addition, highly trained technical and commercial staff ensure that the right products are fitted to your vehicle, and that they are of at least as high a quality as the parts originally fitted.

In this way we ensure that the investment value in your fleet is retained, ensuring higher resale values are achieved. This ultimately contributes to reduced costs of fleet ownership and use.


Supa Quick diversification into a range of under body products and services enables our clients to reduce the number of suppliers required to service their fleet needs. As industry leaders in each of our product lines, you are assured of receiving the highest possible standards of workmanship at the best possible price.

This high standard is applied consistently and nationally, ensuring that your needs are met equally well in the city centre as they are in the most far flung regions of the country.


Your company car is likely to be an essential tool of your trade. To you, not having your vehicle available means more than an inconvenience, it could reduce your income. Under a fleet agreement, Supa Quick can deliver to you a quick, hassle free full underbody service, meaning you go in once and have up to 5 jobs done.

Work is done right, first time, allowing you to get back on the road as quickly and as efficiently as possible. At Supa Quick, we recognise that time is money. Our fleet division is focused on saving our customer both.

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