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Keep an eye out for our great specials on tyres, batteries, shocks and exhausts right here, or head on over to your nearest Supa Quick where our great advice will always get you a great price. For more Supa Quick specials also check out our Promotions page.

Tyre specials at Supa Quick: Bridgestone. 225/40R18 inch S001 RFT. Price from R2675.
Tyre specials at Supa Quick: Bridgestone. 225/50R18 inch T001 RFT. Price from R3520.
Tyre specials at Supa Quick: Bridgestone. 255/35R19 inch S001 RFT. Price from R3595.
Tyre specials at Supa Quick: Firestone 265/60R16 inch Destination A/T. Price from R2616
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Thank you for choosing Supa Quick auto fitment centres; your professional full-service auto tyre fitment centre that offers premium service, coupled with our trusted expertise in tyres, batteries, shocks and exhausts. When you walk through our doors you are guaranteed to receive 100% commitment to your requirements from our highly trained and supportive staff members.How do we ensure we’re always offering the best service to our customers? Each member of our team undergoes ongoing training in all facets of successful auto fitment, ensuring that we maintain our position as South Africa’s leading fitment centre. This includes staying up to date with the latest developments in auto fitment technology as well as all associated research relating to tyres, batteries

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