Bridgestone Potenza

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Racing-inspired performance

POTENZA responds to the persistence of drivers who always aim for the top in the motorsports world and pursue the outermost limits of speed allowed by its technology.

POTENZA meets the challenge of evolving the driving experience as well as realizing the greatest performance of today.

Also, POTENZA captures the passion of all drivers in the world who continually strive to improve their driving skills.

POTENZA is committed to catering to the demands of all people who love driving.

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Potenza Sport

Potenza Sport Tyres Master Your Journey, Awaken Your Senses. Bridgestone Potenza Sport is a high-performance tyre that enables you to maximise the full potential of your vehicle and continue on your journey in complete control.

  • Best cornering & straight line stability
  • Best braking on dry roads
  • Outstanding performance on wet roads
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